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“Shape of Things to Come”

(Barry Mann, Cynthia Well)

Tower 419

No. 22    October 26, 1968



The “Shape Of Things To Come” was pulled from the movie soundtrack (Wild in the Streets  #12, 1968)

of what critic Linda J. Sandahl called “the ultimate youth exploitation flick.”   Christopher Jones, the

hawked “next James Dean” and son to Lee Strasberg, father of the fomed New York Actors’ Studio, filled

the role of 24-year old Max Frost, a pop star whose popularity pole vaults him–inexplicably–into the

role of the U.S. Presidency.   Once elected–ha, ha–Max axes all those unfortunates over the oge of

thirty.   These IDed geriatric misfits were then–per flick– to be placed in concentration camps and fed

quantities of LSD.   Looney idea, yes.   Bad film, yes; oh yes.   But, given the times–Tricky Dickie and all–

some actually found solace in this dull dim dud.


Now, while Chris did flll the visual role of Max Frost, he did not actually sing the “Shape Of Things To

Come”.   A very, very little known group called the 13th Power (comprised in part of Billy Elder, Eddie

Hadded, and Lindy Gentz) were the culprits.   They had had a single issued by Sidewalk just prior to

“Shapes” (“I See A Change Is Gonna Come” b/w “Captain Hassel”).   It bombed, but now when their tlme

seemed at hand, when the country was indeed showing on interest in something done by the 13th Power,

their label issued the disk as by “Max Frost”; impling Chris Jones was the creator, not the poor 13th



The Frost name had one further 45 issued, “Stampers Ride” b/w “There’s A Party Going On.”   It is not

known just who was involved in this disk, though some searchers have 1ndicated that the cuts were

made in part by DAVIE “Blues Theme” ALLAN.