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(Chip Taylor)

Parkway 127

No. 20    February 4, 1967,




Finally, the full story on Senator Bobby rock’n’roll’s Robert F. Kennedy impersonator.   What follows

are extracts from an exclusive interview with the man behind this bizarre version of “Wild Thing,” Chip

Taylor, one-half of the folk rock duo JUST US.     Mr. Taylor (nee James Wesley Voigt, b. 1940, Yonkers,

New York) is a alt. country rock singer and the songwriter responsible for classics like MERRILEE RUSH

& THE TURNAROUNDS’ ” Angel Of The Morning,”  the Hollies’ “I Can’t Let Go”–and the Troggs’ “Wild



“My brother Jon [Voigt, the actor] had gone to school with Dennis Wholey.    This one day, Dennis and I

met on a bus; it was the fall of 1966.   We were just kidding around when he started telling me about this

guy he knew [Bill Minkin] who did all these impersonations-­-Chet Huntley, the Lone Ranger, Murray the

K. Without thinking, I just said, ‘Well, why don’t we bring him in the studio and just fool around, and do

‘Wild Thing’ as if it was SENATOR EVERETT MCKINLEY DIRKSEN [who had recorded a spoken-word

tribute to “Gallant Men” in 1966]?


“I went into the Mira sound Studios.   I had this demo track, the original demo track that the Troggs had

sent me, doing ‘Wild Thing.’    We had the guitar on this one channel, and we used that channel with a

vocal overdub by this guy, Bill Minkin.   We had Bill do one side imitating Robert Kennedy, and  the

other, doing Everett Dirksen.


“When the single took off, we just went back in with Minkin and a bunch that Dennis had assembled,

called the Hardly Worthit Players  [Wholey, Steve Baron, and Carol Morley], and did   this straight-

ahead comedy LP  [The Hardly Worthit  Report, 1967] as a follow-up.   ‘Wild Thing’ surprised us all, and

so we went and did one other single, a take-off on Donovon’s  ‘Mellow Yellow’ (#99, 1967) [a “duet” as by

Senator Bobby & Senator McKinley], but that was it.”

Minkin has moved on to public relations firms and ad agencies, where he has created industrial videos

for such firms as McGraw- Hill and Nabisco.      Bill has also written comedic material for Sandy Baron

and Dave Astor, and during the ’60s made stand-up appearances at night spots like New York’s Scene.


Baron has written TV scripts as well as pop and folk songs for publishers  like April/Blackwood and Wild

Indigo.    Steve was a folksinger and played at New York’s  Bitter End and Gaslight Cafe.   More recently,

Taylor reports, he has worked as an independent televison producer in Nashville.   Morley was active in

the ’60s, playing the theater scene in Newport, Rhode Island and Provincetown, Massachusetts.   Carol

also did TV commercials for Cascade Soap and Rival Dog Food.


Wholey was a TV talk-show host (WNDT) and DJ (WBAI-FM)  in Baltimore.   Dennis also emceed a late-

’60s quiz show (“The Generation Gap,” 1969) and functioned as a radio director for the NBC Radio

Network, later he was a host of a PBS late-night talk show.