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(John Lennon, Paul McCartney)

Fontana 1525

No. 10    November 27, 1965




England’s Silvia Tatler (lead vocals) and her mates–lvor (guitar), Kev Cunningham (bass) and Mike

Ramsden Aylesbury (guitar)– were specialists in traditional folk music and fellow students at Hull

University.   They met during the summer of  1963, and within that Beatle-man Brian Epstein sought

them out, signed them up for management, and connected them with Fontana Records.


Silkie’s debut single, “Blood Red River,” sold poorly.     For their second disk, Epstein got John Lennon,

Paul McCartney, and George Harrison to accompany and produce “You’ve  Got To Hide Your Love Away,”

a remake of  the Beatie song from the  Help!  soundtrack.   The three Beatles never again tangled with

Silkie, and Silkie consequently never again received much of a hearing.    For a while, the group toured

England, but visa problems prevented them from playing throughout the U.S.    They released an album

and two more 45s, one of which was “Born To Be With You” (a remake of BONNIE GUITAR and DON

ROBERTSON’s minor hit as the Echoes; no relation to THE ECHOES, known for “Baby Blue”).    Although

“Born To Be With You” had all the markings of a mini-hit, it wasn’t, and  Silkie eventually unraveled.