The “Golden Hits Of The 60s” 

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Caprice 104

No. 29    May 29, 1961




It is not commonly known but GERRY GRANAHAN (a.k.a. Jerry Grant) was largely responsible for the

hit-making efforts of the Angels, the FIREFLIES, Dickie Doo &, the Don’ts, JAMES RAY, and little miss

Janie Grant.   “Hey, there was others, too,” Gerry said in on exclusive interview, “but I was the Fireflies

and Dick Doo, and I produced James and Janie for my first label, Caprice.”


Janie was born Rose Marie Casili in 1945.   “She picked the name Grant.   I think. I didn’t give it to her,”

says Granahan who also has recorded as Grant, Jerry Grant, for Atco in the late ’50s.   “She didn’t want

to stay with the ethnic name.   Today you can be Rob Shob, Abdullah, or anything.   In those days it

helped if your last and first name were both common first names.   When I met her she was just a little

girl from Petterson, New Jersey.   She was a neighbor of my guitar player.   We were like family.   They

were both Juniors, in high school; just kids.   He was Ron Striano.   Now, he’s a doctor. a psychiatist, yet.

Matter of fact, he introduced me to Janie and the Angels [one of whom Gerry would later marry].   I

listened to ’em enjoyed ’em, and recorded ’em.   It seemed so easy in those days…”


“Triangle” was her debut disk, and while other equally as well crafted 45s were shipped only two found

chart positions (“Romeo” #75, 1961; and “That Greasy Kid Stuff ”  #74, 1962).   “If things had been

different, like they are today, Janie would have been big in the Orient.   She did get some attention in

Japan because she looked almost Eurasian. She could’va passed.   Janie was a very cute kid, little eyes,

little round face.   She actually had more hits in Japan than she did in the States.”


In the mid-60’s Janie moved over to Cameo and United Artist but neither could recoup her career.   “She

married, and I think she has some kids…”