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 In the early 1950s, the American Pop music Charts were dominated by the remnants of the post-Big

Band era, such as Doris Day, Frankie Laine, Rosemary Clooney and Nat King Cole, and band/orchestra

leaders, as Frank Chacksfield, Percy Faith, Hugo Winterhalter.

Mid-decade the Rhythm & Blues Charts constructed to address

the needs and preferences of the Afro-American communities

began to experience a spill over and surge in interest in their

performers among young folk of all ethnicities.  Alan Freed and

other barrier breaking DJs began spinning street corner doo-wop,

dreamy drags and up-tempo rhythm & blues explicitly for this

expansive Baby Boomer audience.  Freed—among others—labeled

this crossbreeding of electric blues, boogie, jazz jiving, country,

gospel, and group harmonies, rock’n’roll.  The cool cat was out of

the bag