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“You’re the Reason”

Crest 1075


Mildred lmes-Fred Henley-Terry Fell)

No. 14   November 20, 1961



Not much is known about Robert Moncrief (b. Jan. 18, 1926, Anniston, Alabama).   Oh, we know he sang

some in church and that he played in some high school bands.   Reportedly he was a member of the Four

Young Men, a group of Alabamaians with  teen tunes like “You’ve Been Torturing Me” and “Sweetheart of

Senior High”.


In rapid succession between 1961 and 1963, the Four had some sides issued on Dore, Crest, and Delta.

“Torture” almost turned the trick, but didn’t.   Just prior, Bobby Edwards–certainly a more country

sounding name than Moncrief–had recovered Tex Ritter’s “Jealous Heart” from the annals of yellowed

history and had the dusty issued in 1959 on Bluebonnet (and three years later by Manco).


Bob’s “You’re the Reason”, with the Young Men in accompaniment, was issued in the fall of 1961.    It was a

choppy but a melodically appealing country moaner.   Cover versions by Joe South and the well established

HANK LOCKLIN shaved off some of the mounting momentum, but Bob’s biggie still managed to make the

nation’s C&W top 5.   Once it charted, Captiol Records invited the boy over to their stable.   For some dumb

reason an incredibly derivative follow-up was next dished up.   “What’s the Reason” (#71, 1962) would be

Bob’s last pop placement.


Though Edwards continued into the late ’60s, country music listeners probably last noted his existence in

1963, when his “Don’t Pretend” charted.