The “Golden Hits Of The 60s” 

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Rocky Fellers


(Russell, Elgin, Medley)

Scepter 1246

No.16   May 18, 1963




Frank “Killer Joe” Piro was the dancer who taught high society how to do everything from the Frug to the

Watusi; it’s been said, long-long ago.   They called him “Killer Joe” because he could out last anyone on

the dance floor.   For decades, the little guy did his stuff on both the big stage and the little screen. Mostly

what he did was make the Manhattan rounds, hopping and bopping at all the glitzy parties and clubs.

The Duke and Duchess of Windsor, and dance-floor damsel Luci Baines Johnson, were among his countless



Poppa Feller (b. 1924) had a house full of sons and daughters, born and raised in Manila, the Philippines.

His boys–Eddie (b.1955), Albert (b. 1953), Tony (b. 1947), and Junior (b.1945)–were  musically inclined,

and, beginning in 1959, they formed a group.   Pop and his rockin’ and rollin’ Rocky Tellers made eriodic

stops in the States, appearing on “The Ed Sullivan Show” and other variety programs.


Nothing much happened with the Rocky Fellers’ first sides for the Parkway label.  But in 1963, the group

recorded a little tribute tune to this peerless, pirouetting Piro.   “Killer Joe” sold well; it was, however, a

novelty number, much like the band itself.   Once its newness turned stale, the Tellers and their disks

faded from view.


“Killer Joe” Piro, however, danced on.   Dorian Gray had nothing on Frank.   Reportedly, he danced until

he died on February 5, 1988.