The “Golden Hits Of The 50s” 

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(Jayne Thompson)

Abnak 119

No. 18   June 24, 1967




Jon and Robin Abnor were a husband-and-wife team from Dallas.   SONNY & Cher were fabulously

popular at this time, and other duos were hopping on the folk­-rock bandwagon.   Jon & Robin’s slightly

suggestive hit single (pressed on yellow vinyl, an unusual practice back then) was produced by rockabilly

legend Dale Hawkins of”Susie Q” fame, as was “Do It Again”‘s fol­low-up, “Drums” (#100, 1967).


One other Jon & Robin 45 charted–“Dr. Jon (The Medicine Man)” (#87, 1968). Thereafter, Jon worked

alone and with studio players as Jon & The In-Crowd, Jon Abnor, H. Rabon, Jon Howard, Jon Howard

Abnor, and the Abnor Involvement.   Wife Robin even had a solo try as (naturally) Robin. Most of these

offerings eluded critical notice with the greatest of ease.


Reportedly, the Abnors owned Abnak Records, the label largely keep alive by bigtime success of one singed

group:  the Five Americans who had racked up a number of pop hits–“I See the Light” (#26, 1966), “Evil

Not Love”(#52, 1966), and “Western Union” (#5, 1967).   Herein lay the source of the financial where ­

withal that allowed Jon and Robin to prolong what oth­erwise might-have-been more truncated careers.