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(Gene “GENE” Thomas)

TRX 5002

No. 17   April 13, 1968




Gene Thomas was born on December 28, 1938, in Palestine, Texas.   In his early 20s, he gathered

a youthful C & W following with his self-penned rockaballads “Sometime” (#53, 1961) and

“Baby’s Gone’ (#84, 1964).   In 1967, while a staff songwriter at the Acuff-Rose music-publishing

house, Gene met an aspiring country singer from Nashville named Debbe Neville.   Gene had

some new SONNY & Cher-type tunes that he thought could make Gene and a female sidekick

into a lucrative pop act.   Debbe agreed to give the songs a shot, and singer/songwriter Don Gant,

before his days with the NEON PHILHARMONIC, produced the sessions.


“Go With Me,” their first folkie-flavored 45, charted at number 78 in 1967, and was followed by

“Playboy.”   Gene & Debbe’s future looked bright; they appeared on TV shows and made the

nightclub rounds.   Later in the year, their third single, “Lovin’ Season,” reached num­ber 81 on

the Hot 100, but only briefly.   Nothing the duo recorded would ever sell as well as these disks.

Gene returned to his staff position at Acuff-Rose, and Debbe disappeared into the wilds of