The “Golden Hits Of The 60s” 

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(N. Merritt)

Columbia 43388

No. 15    December4, 1965




Nineteen sixty-five was the 50th anniversary of the first nude scene ever in a motion picture (Annette

Kellerman in Daughter of the Gods ).  The same precious year,     someone set a world record by baking a

loaf of bread that weighed 20 pounds and measured   20’5″.   Disposable paper dresses were being sold in

cans for two bucks.   And a  4’11” old-timey country singer with a Stetson and glittery stuff all over his duds

treated radio  listeners to such lyrical significa as “May an elephant caress you with his toes/ May your  wife

be plagued with runners in her hose.”


“May The Bird Of  Paradise Fly Up Your Nose” was the pinnacle of Jimmy Dickens’ crossover career.   It

would be his last major C & W  hit and his only appearance on Billboard’s Hot 100.  In 1983, the little guy

with the tall hat was voted into the Country Music Hall of Fame.


He was born Jimmy Cecil Dickens, the youngest of  13 in Bolt, West Virginia, on       December 19, 1925.

After a stay at the University of West Virginia,  Jim started hawking his vocal talents as “Jimmy the Kid,” on

numerous radio stations.   While  doing a radio spot  for  WKNX  in Saginaw, Michigan, Dickens met Roy

Acuff, who liked the kid’s chops and offered him a guest spot on the Grand Ole Opry.   The Opry  outing

opened doors for Jimmy, who was quickly signed to a contract with Columbia Records.   Country toppers

like “Out Behind The Barn,” “A-Sleeping At The Foot Of The Bed,”  “Hillbilly Fever,” and “Take An Old Cold

Tater And Wait” followed.


In May of 1989, Little Jimmy and his long-time manager Richard Davis walked away from a  plane crash

that totalled Davis’ airplane.   While not as active as he used to be,  “Little” Jimmy Dickens  still performs

and occasionally waxes wares.