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(David Gates)

Chattahoochee 628

No. 10      November 7, 1963




 Carol (b. 1948) and Terry (b. 1946) Fisher were sisters, and Sally Gordon (b. 1946) was a neighbor and a

mutual friend.  For a brief moment, they were the Murmaids from L.A.  Daddy Fischer was a music

arranger and  director; Mama Fischer was the family’s guiding light.   Before the girls took off for college in

the fall of 1963, Mrs. Fischer brought the teenage singers to the offices of Chattahoochee Record boss Ruth




Kim Fowley (a self-acknowledgedly accounts of bizarre and cultish personality/singer and producer/

songwriter for B. Bumble & the Stingers, the HOLLYWOOD ARGLYES, Runaways, SEEDS, WARREN

ZEVON, early Paul Revere and later Byrds) was then Chattahoochee’s in-house producer.   Fowley had

recently been  handed a tune from the pen of future Bread frontman David Gates.     The ditty was silly and

sweet, an obvious vehicle for a wholesome trio like the Murmaids.



Once they had recorded “Popsicles And Icicles,” the girls packed their bags and headed for college.

But the disk became a huge success, and the label tried to extract more winners from the lasses.

Apparently, Chattahoochee issued an unsuccessful single or two before the group splintered.    As

Murmaid members swam off  in the direction of the sea of obscurity, Cathy Brasher and possibly Yvonne

Vaughn (who would each later attempt solo careers) were called in to be the Murmaids (of ’66).   Their folk-

rockish “Go Away” was not a bad effort, but after that one release on Liberty Records in 1968, the group did

just that.