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The “Golden Artists Of The 60s”



“AL Dl LA”

(Guilio Rapetti, Carlo Donida)

Warner Bros. 5259

No. 6    July 7, 1962




When first sung by Betty Curtis, “AI Di La” became the 1961 wmner of Italy’s San Remo Song Festival.

Over the next few years, more than 50 different run-throughs of the catchy tune would be recorded.

Connie Francis (#90,1963) and the Ray Charles Singers (#29,1964) would both chart in the States

with their renditions, but it was Emilio Pericoli’s virile version that sold more than a million cop1es.


Pericoli was born in Cesenatico, Italy, in1 928.    As a young man, Emilio trained to be an accountant.

While at school, though, his appearances in local plays led others to encourage Emilio to study singing

and acting.    Although it was not until 1960 that he made his professional singing debut,   Emilio had by

that time secured  some guest spots on Italian TV.    Fleeting international fame came when Pericoli was

approached to croon “AI Di La” in Rome Adventure (1962),  a Troy Donahue/Suzanne Pleshette flick.

Emilio continued to crank out the corn, but never again was he to have his way with American hearts

and charts.