“Cult-Rockers, The Book 

Authored by Wayne Jancik 

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The pop music mainstream overflows with formulaic, radio-ready

entertainment–the kinds of sound creators whose image and recordings

match up with the current crop of what is “seemingly” appealing to the

largest numbers of people, at the moment.

This site–as the book that preceed–is not about a one of ’em; nare a one.

It’s about the off-beat, out of (current) touch, “seemly” uncommercial

and down right odd.  Now these on-the-sidelines characters have gather

clusters of appreciators.  Their recordings and their appearances are

 cherished by their respective clusters.  Their careers are carefully

monitored and their our musicians  who emulate them; some finding

a more mainstream  acceptance than these “the unique ones.”


Join with us and give a ear and  eye to the creative careers of the Pretty Things, Ry Cooder, the flamin’

Groovies, Blowfly, the legendary Stardust cowboy, Cousin Leroy, the Replacements, Mojo Nixon, Dr. Ross,

Nervous Norvous…and the rest.

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