The “Golden Hits Of The 60s” 

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(John Spirt, Robert Lawrence Rappaport,

Steve Rappaport)

Chairman 4403

No. 16    September 28, 1963



The Ran-Dells, from Villas, New Jersey, were actually the Rappaport brothers, Bob and John (both b.

1943), and their cousin John Spirt (b. 1949).    They are known to have only recorded three singles:

“Martian Hop,” “Sound Of  The Sun,” and “Beyond The Stars.”   Their much­ overlooked and  underplayed

“Martian” novelty number featured a bass line that thudded like a flat tire under an ethereal falsetto.    The

tune told of  the dynamic dancing abilities of hip Martians.


What became of   Spirt and the brothers before and after their chart success is one of the most murky

mysterious in One-Hitdom.