The “Golden Hits Of The 60s” 

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(Yvonne Baker)

Argo 5405

No. 4    March 17, 1962




The Sensations formed as the Cavaliers in Philadelphia in 1954.    Lead singer Yvonne Mills and bass

Alphonso Howell were half of the initial group.   Before success was to be so kind as to let them in,

nearly a decade would have to pass.    Meanwhile, only months into the group’s career,  Atco Records

sized up the appeal of the Cavaliers’ female-lead doo-wop approach, and signed them to a multi-disk

contract.     Executives at the label considered the three guys and the coy-voiced gal something of   a

sensation, and changed the unit’s name accordingly.    Of the Sensations’ many releases, “Yes  Sir,

That’s My Baby” and “Please Mr. Disk  Jockey” nearly caught a national audience.    But after three

years of Atco releases, Yvonne Mills settled  down to being Mrs. Yvonne Baker, housewife and

mother, and the Sensations disbanded.


Doo-wop started making an amazing resurgence  in 1961; ethereal harmonies were popping up

everywhere.    Pointing to the success of groups like the EDSELS, the STEREOS, and the Marcels,

Alphonso Howell urged Yvonne to join him in re-forming the Sensations.     She acquiesced,  and

Alphonso picked Kae Williams, a local DJ, to manage and record the new group.    Filling out the

ranks were baritone Sam Armstrong,  a one-time voice with THE RAYS,  and tenor Richard Curtain,

an original member of the Hide-a­ ways.


The Sensations’ initial effort was the up-tempo  “Music,Music, Music” (#54, 1961).    With “Let Me In”

and its contagious, nonsensical hook–“We-oop,  we-oop, ooo-we-oop-we-ooo”–the group struck

gold.  “That’s My Desire,” credited to Yvonne Baker & The Sensations, charted (#69, 1962), but later

releases did not.   The group’s moment of glory had come and gone (although Bonnie Raitt did

include a remake of “Let Me In” on her 1973 album Takin’ My Time).


Various gatherings of Sensations continued on, recording for Junior and later Tollie Records.

Yvonne Baker attempted  a solo career.   …and time passed all by.