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The Cut To Hear:


Mala 451  #33 POP/R&B

#27 October 27, 1962


Bunker was born May 5, 1941, in Washington D.C. with a dull enough name, David Walker.   He was to

become a professional boxer and it was during this time that he claimed the name of the famed battle.

For a while, it’s been claimed that he was a lead vocalist with the noted Mighty Clouds of Joy gospel group.

If that is the case then it might explain where in the regions of Hell or the deep recesses of a screwed-up

Freudian Id he got that possessed madness that he showcased on those now legendary and largely passed

over 45s; in particular, that “Hide & Go Seek.”


“Seek,” like the Isley Brothers’ “Shout” before it and the Cashmere’s unjustly ignored “Satisfied” is a sonic

shaker, a mixed with implied sex’n’sin and clean stupid fun.  It is no wonder in all its divine crudeness that

it’s resurrection into the mainstream radio of the day and the crystalline charts made a presence no higher

than #33.  It is a wonder, that enough commercial radio did play it that it got even this high.


Bunker did record others, though they were given ever less of an access to mainstream ears. And like all

humans…he dropped deep; possibly to further adventures in the recesses of Purgatory.

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