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What is a  “ONE-HIT WONDER“?



recording act that won a position

on Billboard’s National, pop, Top

40 chart, just once.


The “One-Hit Wonder” book is

now available on  

or (Click Here to buy the Book.


Wonders was written by Wayne Jancik, (Click Here).  Over six decades, an enjoyer/gatherer of  the

largest privately owned recorded music collection; hundreds of thousands of 33s, 45s, 78s, 8-tracks,

cassettes, CDs. and the rest; documented on Charlie Rose’s CBS News Nightwatch and PBS’s

Wild Chicago, a series devoted to oddities and their possessors.  Despite the responsibility and

profundity of such an auditory load, Jancik is certifiably “normal” and quite the active advocate of

mental health, his life by day.

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